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    “The intervention in more obvious material hegemonies is as crucial as the intervention in digital and cultural hegemonies.” - Xenofeminist Manifesto, Laboria Cuboniks.

    In a world in constant acceleration and evolution, reflecting on the complexities presented by the digital environment and its possibilities of political-social transformation is increasingly urgent. Isn’t the World Just a Great Big Pyramid Scheme? brings together the critical proposals of nine Latin American artists who perceive themselves as women or non-binary / genderqueer, aimed at human reconfiguration; in frank correlation with what is established in cyberfeminist artistic discourses when they point to digital network culture as key to the development of incisive thought about who we can be and what we can do in the world. Different ways of seeing our surroundings, of thinking what it is and what we want that space called Internet to be. The practices of these artists pose a fracture in the structures (cultural, political, economic, technological) with the intention of envisioning that world in which we can live.

    The three points of this pyramid are drawn from conversations held during the curatorial process where, from their contexts, the artists discussed stands that subvert the aesthetic and the merely artistic:

    Locations. Internet as a non-neutral / benevolent space that generates new political frontiers, in contrast to the assumptions of the radical democracy that is appealed in digital environments.
    The "sacred" as an instrument of oppression when it serves immovable interests that favor that the structures of power are not transformed, but embracing it as a ritual link, as nature and in opposition to the specism detached of animal life and, finally,
    Dystopian futures. New identity constructions of screen-bodies that inhabit the intersection of the material and the virtual. Information and materiality are intertwined in a hybrid battle, under the intolerant gaze of a handful of private corporations.

    ITWJAGBPS? an online pavilion that is part of the programming of the fourth edition of The Wrong Bienniale, a global event based on collaboration and aimed at fostering digital culture. Code developed by Gabriella Torres-Ferrer and Alberto Vargas.